Project and Program Management

Auricht Projects has learnt a great deal about the potential obstacles of implementing projects – including a great deal about resolving issues, which can only be gained through experience. In this respect, it is recognised that projects and programs bring about change and involve a group of inter-related activities that are planned and then executed in a certain sequence to create a particular product or service within a specific time frame. To this end, project management is a formalised and structured method of managing change to develop specifically defined products (outputs) so that benefits (outcomes) are achieved.

Outputs have to be produced by a certain time, to a defined quality or standard, and within a given level of resources. As such, effective management (including monitoring and evaluation) is essential to the success of a project.

Our Approach

Lessons learnt over many years of consulting and project management is that it is essential to get stakeholders that have an interest in the processes, outputs or outcomes involved in the project as early as possible. It is also paramount to meet and communicate with them regularly to keep them informed and identify issues for attention. In this context, it is important to plan how stakeholders will be involved throughout the life of a project and to ensure that their needs are addressed. As a result, for most projects Auricht Projects advocates a collaborative approach involving working in partnership with clients and other stakeholders to maximise effectiveness of project delivery and ensure goals are achieved.

Experience has also shown that successful projects minimise risk by identifying, analysing and planning a response to potential threats to a project. Auricht Projects has direct and extensive experience identifying and developing solutions to address these factors.