Auricht Projects core business is focussed on the provision of management and technical services and solutions at all stages of the project life cycle – from initial feasibility and planning, through to execution/delivery, followed by review and overall project/program level evaluation prior to formal closure.

Our emphasis is in the natural resource management, environment and sustainable land management / farming systems sectors where, based on our extensive experience and expertise, we have been at the forefront delivering innovative and successful outputs and outcomes that require high level coordination; development of program logic, performance and technical frameworks; and, the design and implementation of complex data and information services and products. Our strength lies in our ability to tailor the required knowledge, skills and experience to individual project requirements.

The comparative advantage we offer is increased overall impact and cost effectiveness based on our ability to leverage benefits related to efficiency, capacity building, and task richness, whilst at the same time minimising risks throughout the project management life cycle.

Our goal is to maintain a practical solutions-oriented approach to all activities, and to maximise benefit and value in achieving outcomes via close engagement with clients and stakeholders.

Auricht Projects offers company/agency independence, motivation and a proven ability to work with multidisciplinary teams and agencies (in a diverse range of cultural contexts), to facilitate the development and efficient implementation of work plans, and achieve goal-orientated outcomes.

Established in 2003 Auricht Projects Directors and Associates have over 150 years of combined experience in the natural resources, environment and sustainable land management sector in over 50 countries.