Auricht Projects, in cooperation with the University of Queensland and Jean-Marc Boffa, are currently supporting Farming Systems research in Sub-Saharan Africa at the continental, regional, national and sub-national levels.

The intention of this web site / interface is to make data and information related to the Piloting a Farming Systems Approachto Investment for Climate-Smart Smallholder Agricultural in Tanzania Workshop (16-17 September 2015) available to interested stakeholders within a user-friendly environment.

Workshop Participants 16 Sept 2015 Workshop Session 16th Sept 2015


Note: This project was supported by ACIAR and led by Thilak Mallawaaracchi (University of Queensland), Jean-Marc Boffa and Christopher Auricht (Auricht Projects) in cooperation with numerous Tanzanian Experts and Agencies.
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Tanzanian Contacts, Sokoine University of Agriculture