Auricht Projects is currently leading the Spatial and Information Analysis Team for the Joint ACIAR-ICRAF-UN-FAO publication Dixon et al (in press) ‘Farming Systems and Food Security in Africa’. This study is an update and expansion of the 2000 Joint FAO-World Bank Global Study on Farming Systems and Poverty Alleviation see where Mr Auricht also led the data analysis team. The current update involves sourcing data, liaising with international agencies and over 100 research scientists; establishing an extensive database of 300 plus layers; processing temporal layers on Net Primary Production and Length of Growing Period (to inform assessment of climate change); developing algorithms and models to spatially allocate data on crops, livestock, land use, farm size dynamics and population; plus, the development of a suite of data and information products. Outputs of this project have been presented at numerous international forums and via various policy related instruments e.g. 2017 A farming system framework for investment planning and priority setting in Ethiopia; Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), the 2012 International Food Security in Africa: Bridging Research and Practice Conference, the 2014 IFPRI Publication Atlas of African Agriculture Research & Development, and the Fourth Farming Systems Design Conference, At Lanzhou, China (2013). See also  2012 AIFSRC Project Summary and Policy Release, and the 2012 ACIAR PowerPoint Presentation

African Farming Systems Update (2012-17)